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About Us

We are scientists, engineers, and leaders passionate about transforming how humanity cures diseases.

We believe that systems biology, broadly referred to as "omics," hold the key to decoding and ultimately curing all diseases. If we can understand why a disease harms a particular person, then we can develop and test a therapy in silico on a digital twin and effectively treat diseases before they ever pose a real threat to the patient's health.

We believe that in the future, health events will no longer be surprises, and each patient will have the opportunity to follow a personalized treatment path. With our expertise and commitment, we strive to improve the quality of life for individuals around the world.

The Reason

Every disease has a cure. We need only to find it in time.

Sandi was originally misdiagnosed with a false negative for breast cancer. Like many, her disease was caught at a late stage. Sandi was a fighter, diligently researching and testing lifestyle changes to buy more time. She ate more broccoli, spinach, and kale than scientists believed possible for any human to consume.

She lived for years in a body that was a battleground, with teams of oncologists, radiologists, infusion center nurses, and surgeons in the war room. She faced constant uncertainty about the effectiveness of treatments and how the side effects would impact her quality of life.

Ultimately it wasn’t the cancer that cut short her time. It was her medication.

Had her doctors been able to easily use Sandi’s genetics, they never would have prescribed the chemotherapy that caused a severe adverse reaction after the first dose.

Had additional targeted therapies been available to her, her cancer could have been a manageable condition instead of a terminal disease.

Meet our founder

Gabe Richman has a background in genetic research and engineering at Caltech and Affymetrix, and has held both product management and sales leadership positions in market-leading SaaS companies. Gabe most recently led teams of digital strategy consultants and software architects as Senior Director of Customer Success at MuleSoft, an enterprise integration software company acquired by Salesforce for $6.5B.

Gabriel Richman | Founder & CEO