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The Omic Operating System (OS) offers a unique opportunity for our partners to revolutionize drug discovery and create innovative treatments. Our highly adaptable platform facilitates the identification of therapeutic targets for a broad range of diseases and drug modalities, making it a valuable resource for partners at every stage of the drug discovery journey - from target identification to therapy design to precision medicine.


Dive into the expansive world of biological data with AI-driven knowledge integration and genesis, and uncover new and innovative drug targets that have yet to be explored in the fight against complex diseases. Our platform allows you to gain unique insights and advance the frontiers of drug discovery.


Unlock the full potential of your drug design process through our state-of-the-art biologic and small molecule generative AI platform. We empower data-driven drug design, toxicity and off-target predictions, and fully characterize the impact of therapies on digital patients.


Apply precision medicine through our advanced AI algorithms for patient subgrouping and biomarker identification. Our approach increases the likelihood of successful clinical outcomes and allows for the evaluation of disease indications relevant to your drug.

Transform Your Drug Discovery through Generative AI
Validate hypotheses more thoroughly by asking questions of the world's combined public biomedical research knowledge
Accelerate biologic and small molecule drug discovery by creating and validating therapy candidates in silico via generative deep learning models and digital patients
Rapidly integrate your own data, build and test your own bioinformatics and machine learning models, and collaborate across teams using our next-generation SaaS platform

Better Health Outcomes for All

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for research organizations to drive groundbreaking new research and therapeutic discoveries. We strive to make it as easy as possible to partner with us, regardless whether you come from a pharmaceutical company, healthcare provider, or academic research group.

Our collaborative approach fosters a dynamic and integrative environment where the exchange of ideas and knowledge fuels the advancement of new discoveries. By leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies, combined with the expertise of our multi-omic biological and data science team members, we strive to accelerate the drug development process and bring life-changing treatments to those in need. Together, we are dedicated to making a significant and meaningful impact on global health outcomes.

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