The AI platform
for therapy creation

Generative AI embedded in the platform. Hundreds of cutting-edge bioML models, datasets, and bioinformatics tools at your fingertips.

Welcome to the future
of biomedical discovery

We are reimagining the world of therapy design and treatment optimization through advanced artificial intelligence tools atop one of the world’s largest biomedical knowledge graphs.

In short, it's an API for biology.

Take a look under the hood:

Design And Execute Computational Biology Pipelines

Build and run bioinformatics tools and pipelines in just a few clicks or by simply telling the platform what you need.

Build Impactful Machine Learning Models

Choose from our library of hundreds of bioML models or build and test your own with our guided authoring tools.

Craft AI-driven Applications

Connect comp bio tools and models into scalable, flexible applications with intuitive visualizations.

Integrate Your Research Data with the World's Biomedical Knowledge

Ingest your data into one of the world's largest systems biology knowledge graphs, enriched with the collective pipelines and ML predictions of the research community.

Mount and Visualize Data from Anywhere

Use your data and code in the Omic OS platform no matter where they exist. Visualize them organically within the platform.

Creating An API For Biology Requires Speaking The Language Of Omics

A platform that can put drug discovery and clinical decision support on level ground requires a new type of operating system. Let's take a look at the components that make this possible.

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Biological data, especially in the realm of genomics, needs bioinformatics tools and pipelines to extract insights from raw data. OmicBio is an integrated suite of bio- and cheminformatics tools and AI-tuned pipelines. It brings raw DNA, RNA, proteins, and metabolites on level ground with structured clinical and research data sources.


To find new treatment paths and therapies, we need a new system of scalable biomedical knowledge. OmicGraph organizes relationships in human biology into disease maps using research, knowledge bases, raw and processed data. Disease maps can be used to identify new mechanisms of disease, treatment paths, and therapies.


With the scale of biomedical data available for analysis, machine and deep learning methods are rapidly becoming the standard. OmicAI is a full data science authoring platform and model library, including artificial intelligence authoring, packaging, and deployment tools. Data science is now a core requirement in biomedical discoveries. It’s integrated into all elements of the Omic Operating System.


Longitudinal medical insights are notoriously difficult to extract from structured and unstructured clinical and genomic data. OmicMed structures clinical, genomic, and external patient records and frees the data and analyses through natural language searches. Systems of insight such as the Omic Operating System enable new forms of precision medicine.


Challenges exist in combining and sharing complex workflows, AI models, results, and visualizations while keeping data safe. OmicApps connects authored models and pipelines directly to dashboards and visualizations, in order to make insights immediately available and shareable without exposing underlying data. Both data security and collaboration are necessary for optimizing patient care and novel biomedical discoveries.


Integrating and organizing clinical and molecular data carries well-known challenges and limits rapid analysis and discovery. OmicBit is a clinical-genomic data management platform with AI-supported integration, external data crawling and indexing, and a virtual file system. Nearly any biomedical database or dataset can be converted into an AI-ready source.


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